The body of the pregnant woman undergoes modifications and the eyes do not escape the rule. Wearing contact lenses is not contraindicated during pregnancy, but eye changes may restrict comfort.

During pregnancy, the corneal curvature increases, causing a flattening of the eye. The lenses may therefore become too tight. This phenomenon is all the more noticeable for rigid lens carriers.

Pregnancy results in decreased sensitivity of the cornea. As a result, pain that can occur in case of complications may go unnoticed. Special attention should be paid to other signs of intolerance (redness, blurred vision, unusual secretions), especially since the decrease in immune defenses in pregnant women may favor the emergence of infections.

During pregnancy, changes in the composition of the tears partly explain the discomfort experienced by lens wearers.

Pregnancy may be accompanied by a slight myopia.

The visual disturbances we are talking about are only temporary. After childbirth, it is customary for the majority of women to reacquire the sight they had before. It is for this reason that the purchase of glassesĀ or contact lenses with higher gradation than those normally used is not recommended. The correction of his “new visual defect” could be ensured by wearing disposable contact lenses that allow rapid and economical adaptation to the new visual condition, provided that the eye does not give signs of intolerance to the contact lenses.

However, in the case of ophthalmic pathologies it is a good rule to consult your own ophthalmologist: a preventive control can help to control the visual disturbances during the nine months and to face these pathologies to the best.

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