The majority of lenses wearers remain feminine with 70% of women, and rather young with 57% in the under 35 age group. As for ametropia, myopia predominates with 89% of the carriers.

The benefits of lenses are many, starting with the aesthetic appearance. A face without glasses leaves clear the eyes and expressions. On the other hand, the field of view is much wider than with spectacles, which can help improve performance in the practice of a sport, or to facilitate the understanding of the environment for the driver … Finally , Unlike glasses, the lenses do not slip and do not fog if you sweat, which brings an additional degree of comfort.

Nota bene: for the practice of violent sports (martial arts, boxing, etc.) ask advice from your optician specialist in contact lenses.

The advantages in 5 points
1 Appearance unchanged
The main reason why people choose contact lens is that they do not change their natural appearance.

2 Discreet correction
Once placed on the eye, the contact lens are almost invisible and hardly felt. The constituent materials of the contact lens are permeable to oxygen, so that the functioning of the eye is not altered and that they can be worn throughout the day.

3 Total Field of View
The contact lens accompany every movement of your eye so that your field of vision is always total. The optical zone always remains centered on the pupil and you are not disturbed by deformation or instability of the image.

4 Optimum comfort in the practice of your activities
The contact lenses offer the advantage of being able to move freely without being hindered by a spectacle frame. At work, on holiday, at sports or dancing, contact lens show a great level of comfort and ease.

5 No More Fog Lenses
Once placed, your lens and eyes become one and, in fact, you do not suffer any of the disadvantages inherent in the glasses of glasses, namely the fog or the raindrops.

The disadvantages in 5 points
1 Care
With the exception of disposable daily lenses, contact lenses require maintenance. They must be cleaned daily with a suitable solution. And even if it’s only a matter of minutes, it takes time

2 Renewal
We must think about renewing lenses according to the type of renewal advocated (monthly, daily …).

3 Loss of vision homogeneity
Throughout the day, deposits can sometimes settle on the lens and make the vision slightly blurred. Remove your lens and decontaminate them. If disposable lens are used, change them!

4 Eye drying
At the end of the day or due to air conditioning, altitude, dust, tobacco, etc., the eyes can be dry and lack tears.

5 Easy to lose
Like any small transparent object, lens can be easily lost and difficult to find.

The different types and their use:

The type of contact lens varies depending on the visual defect you are suffering from:
– Unifocal spherical lens: myopia or hyperopia;
– Toric lenses: astigmatism;
– Bifocal lenses: presbyopia.

For fun, or to change your look, whether or not you suffer from a visual defect, you can opt for colored contact lens or even fluorescent.
Other lenses will even allow you to disguise your look with motives more delusional than the others.

The wearing of lenses is not an innocuous act. Choose contact lenses with parameters corresponding to your eye and to your contact optician specialist who will take care of handling and maintenance!

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