It is possible to wear makeup with lenses! However, some precautions should be taken.

makeupAlways wear contact lenses before applying makeup. If you do not follow this precaution, small particles of makeup can stick under the lens and come into contact with your eyes, generating an eye discomfort.

Use a water resistant mascara and eyeliner to prevent them from slipping or forming glitter.

For the eyelids, prefer the creams to the powders.

Trace your line of eyeliner under the eyelashes rather than at the edge of the eyelid.

Apply eye shadow and eyeliner carefully, so that you do not move or damage your lenses.

There are products specially designed for lens wearers. These products are softer and are tested from an ophthalmological point of view. Use eye makeup without oil or perfume.

Kohl pencils are to be avoided, as they can touch the white of the eye and bring bacteria.

Avoid sprays, such as lacquer, on the lenses.

Remove your lenses after cleansing.

In case of redness, swelling, pain or irritation, consult a specialist.

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