Are you afraid to take the plunge and try the color lenses?

Here are our tips and tricks for choosing color lenses!

Can anyone wear color lenses?
Yes !
Color lenses exist with or without corrections.
Color lenses can therefore be used by all as a real fashion accessories, to intensify the color of your eyes or simply to change color as you please.

My friend wears colored lenses, can I try them to check the result?
No !
When it comes to contact lenses, you should never wear or exchange your lenses with anyone else.
Indeed, this type of practice is often the cause of ocular infections or conjunctivitis.
Wearing colored lenses must be individual and must meet the same maintenance requirements as uncoloured lenses.

I have never worn lenses before, I do not know how to use colored lenses.
It’s simple, there are now online videos made by lens manufacturers that allow wearers to learn how to put and remove their lenses. Check Youtube ­čśë

I want to wear colored lenses. Am I obliged to have a prescription?
No !
Colored lenses that do not correct vision do not require medical prescription. However, if you wish to regularly wear non-corrective color lenses, it is strongly recommended to make an appointment with your ophthalmologist who will check that the parameters of the lenses are in adequacy with your eye parameters.
This medical check ensures that wearing these lenses will be comfortable and will not irritate your eyes.

Will the color always be the same if I have light or dark eyes?
No !
Color lenses should blend with your color to keep a natural effect. It is for this reason that in the manufacture the color is applied striated with gradients to reproduce the iris at best.
There are transparent areas on the lens that let you see your natural color.

Which color lenses to choose when you have dark eyes?
Opt for a lens range that offers a sharper color palette that will have a more pronounced effect and will be more suitable for darker and darker eyes.  FreshLook COLORS is the perfect choice!

I want a natural effect. Which color lenses to choose?
Choose lenses that superimpose 3 colors for a very natural rendering:
1 color close to the pupil / 1 central color / and 1 color around the iris (eg Freshlook® Colorblends® lenses).

Where to buy my color lenses?
Good plan on the Internet, contact lenses are up to 35% cheaper than a physical optician.
If you choose to buy on the internet ensure you that you also buy brand lenses such as Freshlook Air Optix Colors  and you will thus avoid nasty surprises.

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